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"When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way to a solution." - David J Schwartz

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My Story

Hello! I'm Vicente, an undocumented Mexican-American immigrant and Gen-Z entrepreneur. From a young age, I understood that I would have to face many challenges in life because of my immigration status. I struggled with finding jobs that would hire me. I struggled paying for college since I had to pay out of my own pockets. I also struggled with my mental health and wellbeing as I began to see the world as unfair, cruel and difficult. All of this changed when I began to do the inner work within myself to figure out the reasons behind my challenges and how to overcome them. At age 19 I sought out support from a Therapist where I was introduced to the concept of Inner work. I learned how to work through my past traumas and mental barriers. At age 20 I started working with a personal coach who helped me enlarge my vision and I experienced a powerful transformation which helped me become more confident, authentic, and true to myself.  At age 21 I made a huge investment in myself by joining the Launch Latinx Accelerator where I experienced community based business and professional coaching with many other like-minded Latinx entrepreneurs and business owners which has made an enormous impact in my life. I swear by coaching because I have experienced it and have seen it work in my own personal life which is the reason I now want to share it with others. That is the why I started Inner Evolucion, a mindset and wellness coaching program for Gen-Z Entrepreneurs looking to experience powerful inner-work transformations, break through mental barriers, and achieve their full potential. If this sounds something you would love to be a part of I invite you to schedule a free discovery call to find out if you're a good fit for this program.

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You can use this space to signup for the waitlist to our upcoming 12 week coaching program Inner Evolution 2.0 (launching February 2022)

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Mindset and Holistic Wellness

Inner Evolucion came from the Idea that powerful transformations come from within. A shift in perspective has the potential to completely change your trajectory in life. We help you take control of your mindset in order to achieve your desired goals in fitness, health and over all well-being. Our goal is to rewire your thinking patterns from overthinking and confused to confident and aligned so that you are able to unleash your full potential. If you're ready to start your journey and step into transformation make sure to book a call now and we can discuss if this is right for you!

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